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The Skinny on Bad Behavior

    The Skinny on Bad Behavior I swear to God you are the only person I have told this to. The other night I went out for a walk on the beach and about a half-mile from the marina, I ducked behind a couple of trees, took off my clothes, ran across the sand, […]

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Bad Day at the Dump

I still take my garbage to the dump. I am too cheap to pay to have it picked up, and I actually LIKE going to the dump. So yesterday I am hauling a big plastic bag of household debris out of the trunk when a young woman scampered up and offered to help. I thanked […]

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Old Ladies at the Library (Eventual Recall)

There is a section in the library for new releases.  When I have not remembered to bring my New York Times Book Review section –on which I have meticulously taken notes, underlined previous books by the authors of books I want to read, ripped out the really important reviews, and put it all on the […]

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