Written By: sherridaley

Sherri Daley has established herself among editors as someone who will write about anything –  from new forms of cancer treatments to the lives of Broadway stage hands, tuning up your own oil burner, that new car smell, blueberry jam, and Joshua Bell’s violin.

When necessary, she experiences what she writes about:  she has ridden a motorcycle cross-country and a unicycle for about a block.  She’s been rock-climbing in Utah and spelunking in the Philippines; she has competed in a body-building contest, survived being the “monkey” on the sidecar of a 1952 Norton, and eaten slow-roasted scorpions. She may scare herself in the process, but she considers herself a better person for it.

She’s the author of a book about commodities traders and a ghostwriter for business motivational texts. She has written freelance for national and regional publications, including MORE magazine, Car and Driver, and the New York Times.

Sherri has served as press liaison for a medical research firm, media contact for the late Mrs. Vincent Astor, and taught writing as an adjunct professor at local colleges, as well as over 15 years in an inner city school.


  1. Charles says:

    Became interested in you and lifestyle when I seen you on Judge Judy I thought that you must be a very fascinating woman. I will definitely look for your publications to read

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